My generation, my mission, our destiny…

Dr Frantz Fanon famously declared that  “Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it.”  And for all generations living at any given point in time, a moment comes, an opportunity is presented, when their destiny is clearly visible; when they are loudly and stridently called to do a duty, for themselves and for all future generations. At that point in time, of all the options that they are presented with there will be one that is so obviously right, so compellingly irrresistible; an option which, if chosen, will have such profound ramifications as to irreversibly change the trajectory of the nation.

For the people of the United States, the most recent such moment came in 2008 when they were offered an opportunity to elect to the presidency one Barrack Obama – member of a minority group with a history of oppression, suffering, marginalisation and hopelessness; an individual carrying weird names with intimate family links to a faith that inspires fear, even revulsion, amongst his fellow citizens; an individual with ‘no relevant experience’ and just a very short history of service at the national level; somebody who believed that even the world’s most powerful nation needs the rest of the world! In our journey as a nation, we have come to a fork in the road that offers us choices with equally profound implications.

We have a choice to continue with business as usual, that will see our newly enacted Constitution systematically diluted, adulterated, dismantled and ultimately rendered useless and meaningless; a choice that will guarantee the continued grand theft of public resources, and a heartless and exploitative blood-sucking vampire crony capitalism; a choice that will perpetuate a rude, incompetent, oppressive and dehumanising public service; a choice that will further entrench a political leadership and economic and social elite whose only ideology is ‘self’, whose action platform is ‘me’ and whose only real constituency is ‘I’; a choice for a nation whose security services harass and terrorise, whose schools do not educate, whose health system kills, and whose agricultural policies have institutionalised hunger and malnutrition; a choice that will not save a nation riven with explosive fault lines of ethnicity, economic class and religion.

But we also have a choice to reset our destiny: a choice that will guarantee the full implementation if the contract with ourselves that is coded in our Constitution; a choice that will ensure we achieve takeoff by jealously safeguarding and making the best possible use of our public resources, while nurturing and protecting an entrepreneural spirit; a choice that will ensure our public service is both civil and actually renders service; a choice that will restore principle, honour, integrity and a sense of mission in our political leadership; a choice that will heal the rifts, meld us into one people, restore the nation!

Have you ever looked at something and it looked just right it made you feel ‘this is meant to be’? We can make things right! We can make it happen! Let us fulfil our generational mission and ensure this great nation lives up to its destiny! Let us elect Hon Peter Kenneth.


8 thoughts on “My generation, my mission, our destiny…

  1. You now have a specific name! Progress. I like that he is not from the same old crop we have had before. My preference was / is Ole Kiyapi but he seems to be too far I may actually join the PK bandwagon. If only all these newbees would merge and form a serious force for the others who seem to think the dice has already been cast!

  2. fredokono says:

    Hi Esther,

    Indeed a name at last – after much prayerful consideration! I believe PK represents the rebirth that our nation so desperately needs – and a principled coalition between him, Raphael Tuju and Prof Kiyiapi, that campaigns with vigour and dignity, would enhance the realisation of that rebirth.

    Thank you for reading, liking and commenting!


  3. mmnjug says:

    The question is, does this generation realise that its time has come and that it must act with haste and save itself?

    I don’t think so.

  4. Amaheno says:

    This message is on spot! But does anyone have a strategy to plan and finance its reaching to the ignorant masses? For as long as we keep it here,the outeach is zero and our numbers are small, us who know. Lets work out something away from the banal rallies and blogs!

    • fredokono says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Indeed all our people need to be educated in their power to determine their destiny – and not perpetually suffer under the ministration of bad leaders. This blog, like many others, is just an infinitesimal part of the massive effort required. But it is individual rain drops that form little rivulets, that form streams that coalesce into mighty rivers and ultimately great floods! With each of us doing their own little bit, we shall in time get there.

  5. Dally says:

    In my school, we had a song with a verse that went as follows: “We pledge ourselves when this our generation, must in its time, the weight of Government bear, to all mankind, through service to our nation, head, heart and hand, in justice, zeal and care” The time has come indeed.

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