It’s over… and it’s not

A rational and balanced piece!


Well folks, the sun has set on the March 2013 elections, and here is my take.

I think there were irregularities in the elections; I think the margin of error was so fine (around 8,000 votes) that these irregularities may have fraudulently led to the avoidance of a run-off; and yes, I think, in summary, that the term “free and fair” cannot conclusively be applied to the poll (Mars Group Kenya is carrying out a pretty thorough audit of the results). However, the former Prime Minister pursued the right (legal) channels for contesting the elections, the Supreme Court has handed down its ruling, most (if not all) of the challengers have accepted defeat, and here we are.

We have a new President.

The uncertainties are legion. One of the first indicators of the direction Kenya will now take will be the first cabinet. In a nation where “who was…

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A fascinating and thoughtful piece!


We ought to be cautious not to mock God in the rush to attribute the election of the Jubilee Coalition to God. The Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, president elect in his acceptance speech dedicated this victory to God.

There was jubilation in a service on Sunday where the Hon. William Ruto the deputy president elect said that God, in a special way, had given the Jubilee coalition victory in the March 4 General Election.

“The same God who gave us victory against all odds will do more exceedingly and abundantly for us. It will be more than the people of Kenya want. God is going to do great things for this country,” said Ruto. At one point, Ruto was given the microphone to address the congregation but he broke down and was unable to make any statement.

Was this God as he claimed?

I struggled when two of my friends George…

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